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Textile Panels- new commissioned work

Cornish Triptych

May 2024

A recently finished work, a textile panel triptych for a private commission. It took three months labour to finish these 8.5 feet tall panels made entirely from reclaimed antique and vintage fabrics. Textiles ranging from 18th century to 20th, from a french flour sack and peasant smock, Indian kantha quilt pieces to the lining of a ecclesiastic tabard.

Textiles are naturally aged or have been painted or dyed. I used techniques such as shibori (Japanese tie dye method) and soya pigment paint (a eco friendly method using soya milk and pigment powder). Indigo and rust were also used to dye fabrics.

The brief was to reflect the landscape and history of Cornwall, its copper mining, agriculture, neolithic stone circles. I used copper throughout the three panels in the form of copper leaf, stitched wire and disks.

The large stitched circles are emblematic of the Mên-an-Tol stone with the central hole and the neolitic stone circles.

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