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My work primarily centres around the theme of our place in the universe, the fragility of our planet and the continual cycle of renewal. Antique textiles and the influence of Japanese aesthetics and textile techniques feature predominately. I am particularly fascinated by Japanese boro, its layering of textiles and textures showing the passage of time and sense of renewal and the aesthetics of "wabi sabi", the beauty in imperfection. My use of antiques textiles echo this regeneration aspect and also my desire to reuse and reduce material waste.

I trained as a costume maker at the London College of Fashion and have continued to work in theatre alongside my textile art practice. I sell my work through Etsy and exhibit irregularly, two of my textile works were exhibited at the Festival of Quilts, UK. "Multiverse" was shortlisted for the Fine Art Quilt Masters 2018 and "Backbone of the night II" was Judges Choice in the Art Quilt category 2019.

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